Celebrating National Homeownership Month: Building Stronger Communities Together

by  | Jun 20, 2024 |

June is National Homeownership Month. To mark the event, I am pleased to share President Biden’s recent proclamation that underscores the value of homeownership. Owning a home fosters financial stability, builds generational wealth, and contributes to the overall well-being of communities.

In his proclamation, President Biden emphasized the importance of ensuring that homeownership is accessible to all Americans. He highlights the need for equitable housing policies and practices and recognizes homeownership as a cornerstone of the American Dream.

This commitment to inclusivity and opportunity aligns perfectly with the values held in the community association industry.

Homeowners associations, condominiums, and housing cooperatives play an important role in creating vibrant, thriving communities. Community associations protect property values and foster a sense of belonging and community among residents. At its core, CAI’s work is about building and nurturing communities where people feel connected.

HOAs, condominiums, and housing cooperatives are essential to provide structured, well-maintained environments that enhance the quality of life for all residents. They ensure common areas are well-kept, amenities are available and functional, and community standards are upheld. This structure protects property values and promotes a harmonious living environment where neighbors can come together and enjoy one another.

With homeownership comes rights and responsibilities. It is crucial for homeowners and board members to understand their rights to ensure fair treatment and protect their investment. Equally important is fulfilling their responsibilities such as adhering to community guidelines, paying assessments, and participating in community life. When homeowners are informed and engaged, they contribute to a well-functioning, resilient community.

As community association industry professionals, we’re committed to fostering environments where homeowners can thrive. Our work is integral to building communities that are well-maintained, vibrant and inclusive. By working together, we can ensure homeownership remains a key driver of economic stability and personal fulfillment for generations to come.

Thank you for joining me in celebrating National Homeownership Month. Together, let’s continue to build better communities, one home at a time.


Senior Vice President, Government & Public Affairs

Executive Director, Foundation for Community Association Research