Blake Johnson

Education Liason


Blake is a partner at Smith Knowles, P.C., and he is also a member of the HOA practice group at the firm focusing on general HOA services, governing documents, violations, board training and meetings, and litigation.  Blake’s practice focuses on homeowner association law, real estate, business, civil litigation, and employment issues. He practiced real estate and employment law in Oregon for six years before joining his current firm in 2016.  A member of UCCAI since 2018, Blake has been actively engaged in HOA representation throughout Utah.  He has served on the Education Committee, and he has also presented at several education training courses for UCCAI, as well as providing numerous HOA board and manager training courses over the years.  He enjoys helping his clients navigate dificult situations from complex amendments to multi-million-dollar special assessment projects.  Blake and his family enjoy mountain biking and winter skiing.